We have consulted with the Kentucky Board of Health and we will remain open for Public Sessions and Sticktime. Masks must be worn at all times in the building, including while on the ice. People will need to practice social distancing from others not in their household. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.
Today's Schedule
Tiny Tots Curriculum
(ages 3-5)
Tiny Tot 1
  • Sit and Stand up with skates off ice
  • Sit and Stand up on ice
  • March in place
  • March forward 8-10 steps
  • March then glide
  • Dip in place
Tiny Tot 2
  • March followed by a long glide
  • Dip while moving
  • 6 Backward wiggles
  • 2-3 Forward swizzles
  • Rocking Horse: one forward then backward swizzle
  • Two-foot hop
Tiny Tot 3
  • Forward skating 8-10 steps
  • Forward 1-foot glide right and left
  • 4-6 Forward swizzles
  • 4-6 Backward swizzles
  • Forward snowplow stop
  • Curves
Basic 1-4 Curriculum
(ages 6-12)
Basic 1
  • Fall and get up on ice
  • March across the ice
  • Two-foot glide
  • 6-8 Forward swizzles
  • Back wiggles
  • Standing Snowplow stop
  • Rocking Horse
Basic 2
  • Forward one-foot glide: right and left
  • Backward two-foot glide
  • 6-8 Backward swizzles
  • Moving snowplow stop
Basic 3
  • Forward Stroking
  • Alternating forward pumps in a straight line (slalom)
  • Forward pumps on a circle: right and left
Basic 4
  • 3 Forward crossovers in a row: right and left
  • Moving forward to backward two-foot turn: right and left
  • Backward one-foot glides: right and left