The rink will be closed for the next couple of weeks as we start some upgrades. Please check back for our re-opening dates.
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General Information Admission
Freestyle sessions allow more serious skaters a chance to practice their individual programs to music and to elevate their skills and more advanced moves such as spins and jumps. For designated freestyle ice times, refer to the calendar below. All times are subject to change without notice, so always check the Freestyle calendar before going to the rink

    Session Rules:
  • Each skater must pay and sign in for every freestyle session skated
  • Good manners and respect towards other skaters and coaches is an expectation. Northern Kentucky Ice Center staff reserves the right to ask someone to leave the ice if their behavior is inappropriate.
  • Everyone is expected to watch out for each other at all times
  • If a person is skating a program, they have first priority over the ice surface
  • Skaters in a lesson have second priority over the ice surface
  • Parents are not allowed to "coach" their skaters from the sidelines. If you need to speak to your skater you must ask them to get off the ice and clear the doorway.
All Freestyle sessions are purchased in 1 hour increments. Skating passes are available in increments of 20,50 or 100 hour packages.

Individual Sessions: $16.00
20 Hour Pass: $300.00
50 Hour Pass: $700.00
100 Hour Pass: $1300.00

On-ice Class: $12.00
Program Practice $12.00 per program

These are available in the admissions office and may be purchased by cash, check or credit card. This is for ice time only and does not apply to coaching fees.